TOWARDS YOUR LOW-CARBON REFINERY: Proven technologies for capturing CO2 from both low- and high-pressure streams
August 21, 2019 (Wed)  14:00  US/Eastern

Are you…
• Under pressure to reduce your carbon footprint?
• Looking for ways to cost-effectively reduce your CO2 emissions?
• Unsure which carbon-reduction solutions will be most appropriate for your facility?

Any serious ambitions to reduce a facility’s carbon intensity are likely to be spearheaded by carbon capture utilisation and storage. According to the International Energy Agency, this is key for reducing CO2 emissions in carbon-intensive industrial processes and offers one of the lowest-cost ways of doing so.

This webcast will showcase two leading technologies that have established strong track records of cost-effectively capturing CO2 in a wide range of applications:
• Shell’s CANSOLV CO2 Capture System – for capturing CO2 from low-pressure streams, including flue gas
• Shell’s ADIP ULTRA technology – for capturing CO2 from high-pressure process streams.

We will:
• Explain which units can be easily retrofitted with these technologies
• Highlight which streams are suitable for CO2 capture
• Demonstrate how the captured CO2 can be sold, sequestered or used in enhanced oil recovery
• Walk through insightful case studies from SaskPower’s Boundary Dam power station and the Athabasca Oil Sands Project.

Devin Shaw - Commercial Director, CO2 Capture & CCS, Shell Catalysts & Technologies
Laurent Thomas - Licensing Technology Manager, Gas Processing and CO2 Capture Technologies, Shell Catalysts & Technologies

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