The Journey to Sustained Profitability: Maximizing Naphtha Through Hydrocracking
September 26, 2019 (Thu)  13:00  Asia/Shanghai

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Globally the demand for petrochemicals is increasing at rates nearly 1.5 times GDP. In regions where there is a heavy investment in large-scale para-xylene capacity there is a significant demand for naphtha. However not all naphtha is suitable to produce aromatics. Heavy naphtha is required, but it is in limited supply.

This is where the Honeywell UOP Unicracking™ process becomes the key enabler to petrochemical production. By installing one, or a combination of Unicracking process solutions, it enables refiners to unlock the heavy naphtha constraint for world-scale para-xylene production.

The Unicracking process is a key part of the Refinery of the Future, where it provides refiners a robust and flexible technology to meet market demands for petrochemicals and the flexibility to switch between demands of transportation fuels and petrochemicals.

Join UOP’s experts as they further expand on the Refinery of the Future, focusing on the role of hydrocracking to produce heavy naphtha. Honeywell UOP's Kerosene Unicracking process will also be introduced with a discussion around how this new technology can help meet the specific demands for petrochemicals and others markets such as Middle East, India and China.

Ian Clarke - Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Honeywell UOP
Sarika Goel - Sr. R&D Scientist, Honeywell UOP

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